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From the Homefront to the Front Lines

Mission-Focused Training, Real-World Experience
JRTC ensures that America's warfighters are geared and primed to confront a complex global battlespace. They need a partner with innovative tech and forward-deployed know-how to deliver relevant, realistic, and repeatable training solutions and contingency support. CACI's depth and breadth of battlefield support experience enables JRTC to build mission-focused, immersive training that spans today's combat ops and anticipates new threats.

Shoulder-To-Shoulder With the Warfighter
Our teams know the rigors and reality of combat. CACI's mission support ranges from conventional to specialized warfare and touches every theater of operations. Backed by decades of proven performance and powered by partnership, our experience will enable JRTC to immediately replicate current operational environments and keep up-to-date with the latest tactics and missions. And with over 50 years of transition experience, we're ready to hit the ground running with JRTC's workforce.

Partners in Veterans' Futures
CACI is deeply committed to supporting our nation's veterans in both our business and our communities. Veterans make up 32% of our workforce – we value their skills, leadership, and ingenuity. We share their commitment to acting with ethics and integrity. With award-winning military hiring and development efforts, and strong corporate philanthropy and volunteerism, we stand close to America's active-duty servicemen and women, veterans, and their families.

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