Intelligence Systems and Support  

Propelling Awareness to the Cutting Edge

CACI advances near real-time intelligence and analysis to drive situational awareness and gain operational advantage. Our precision technologies and systems support:

Signals intelligence exploitation. We enable near real-time collection of on-the-ground intelligence. With our precision skillset, we provide the bulk of the federal government work in foreign instrumentation signals intelligence.

Enhanced situational awareness. By employing Multi-INT fusion analysis of vast data, displayed using robust visualization techniques, we see the situation from all angles.

Tactical platform integration. We deliver quick reaction capability for integrating SIGINT and RF systems to meet the rising tempo of missions. 

CACI Intelligence Systems & Support Services

CACI designed and built the Airborne SIGINT POD in support of a U.S. Army program to demonstrate the transition of a ground-based sensor to an airborne platform.